Custom Boot Fitting Shropshire

Why have your boots fitted?

We pride ourselves in our custom boot fitting service and are continually challenging the misconception that blisters and discomfort are to be expected when walking long distances. We have many fantastic reviews and happy customers who return to us and recommend us to family and friends, and who travel from all around the UK and further afield to use our free service.

It is worth bearing in mind that as there is no universal sizing standard for footwear, sizes vary between brands and also within brands between their different styles. Some are voluminous and wide but with a narrow heal while others may have a wider heal and a standard toe. We stock both extra wide and extra narrow widths. Just as our feet are all different, so are the boots on offer. We have spent many years choosing a specific range of boots to offer as many different fit options as possible, and further more we can customise the fit once a good fit has been achieved by gently stretching the boot (for example around bunions). We are also one of just a few stores in the UK to have a Superfeet Fit Pod which enables us to make custom orthotics in store while you wait. 

We work closely with a local podiatrist so we have a good understanding of foot bio mechanics and the trauma that can be caused by ill fitting boots to those who suffer from existing ailments such as Morton's Neuroma  or Hammertoe. 

What to expect from your appointment:

Firstly we will chat with you about how you will use your footwear so we have an idea of what you are looking for. Next it's all about the feet. We take our time and measure your feet weighted (standing) and un-weighted (sitting) and will be looking at the width, shape and volume. 

Using these measurements and our knowledge of the brands, we will then select the footwear that we think may work with your shape. We stock brands such as Altberg, Meindl and Scarpa and carry half sizes in many of the boots. Once you have tried on the boot we can start to fine tune your fit with orthotics, stretching and/or volume reducers. 

Boot/shoe fitting is not an exact science and although we can not offer a fit guarantee we work closely with the customer relying on their feedback about the way the footwear feels on their feet. We can not replicate a 10 mile walk on the Shropshire Hills in our store, so we recommend customers wear their purchase around the house to ensure they are happy with the fit before heading out in them as once footwear has been worn outside it cannot be exchanged.

Of course our service doesn't end there. We will advise on how best to look after your new purchase and, if needs be, we can do further stretching or tweaking of the fit once you have had an opportunity to get to know your boots. 
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