What to buy when the temperature drops!

So here we are with February drawing to a close and yet more cold weather forecast! We thought now might be the perfect time to give you our suggestions on some really clever buys, items that are in the SALE now, that will leave you feeling warm and snug over the next week of freezing weather, but that will serve you well over the years to come too. Quite simply they are smart buys, and here are our top 3:

1. We love a baselayer, we've blogged about them before, and the SALE is a great time to grab a bargain as a decent baselayer can be pricey. We love the Montane Primino range, and the Rab Merino + range both of which are a merino wool blend so will keep you warm but will manage your sweat by wicking away any moisture. 

2. An absolute must for winter is layers, if you start with your baselayer you are onto a good thing. Next would be a good quality mid layer to trap the warm air. We have plenty to choose from and with technology improving year on year it may be time to update your old fleece. We've a great range of mid weight fleeces on SALE in store at the moment.

3. To keep you warm and toasty we recommend a down insulator. Why down? Well, we believe it to be superior in warmth to a synthetic insulator, although take a read of our recent blog about the pros and cons of both options to make up your own mind. Down is a considered purchase due to it's high value so why not take advantage of the end of season discounts to get what you want at a bargain price? 

Whilst we have a selection of our range on line we have a greater choice in store so come and say hi, we'll be happy to help :) Stay safe in the cold.