Top 5 tips for walking with poles.

Top 5 Tips For Walking With Poles:
One. Buy a pair: 
Using just one pole can lead to an imbalance of weight and pressure on just one side of the body and can cause more issues than it fixes. We recommend using a pair as they provide extra contact with the ground and mirror our natural symmetry giving us more traction.
Two. Set them to the correct height:
The right height for you is not the right height for your partner, friend, walk leader so always set your poles so that your arm is bent at a 90 degree angle at the elbow.
Three. Use the poles to propel you:
When walking on the flat or up an incline your poles should be behind you, this utilises under used muscles in the arms and shoulders and If used correctly poles can save around 30 tonnes of pressure off your knees per hour over an eight hour walk.
Four. Don't be a spotty dog:
As your right arm goes forward so should your left foot and vice versa; opposite arm to opposite leg,  Practice without your poles first then introduce the poles but just drag them behind you to get your swing right, then lastly grip the poles and start pushing back on them.
Five. Buy a good brand:
We stock Leki, What we like about Leki is that whichever pole you choose from their range we know it is a good quality pole, the aluminium poles are made from Aircraft grade aluminium, and all the poles have the strongest locking mechanisms on the market so when your trek gets tough you won't be let down by your pole. From the Voyage Pole to the Micro Vario Carbon Trekking Pole, you are getting top grade precision engineering.