Time to Proof

So it's June, the sun is blazing and temperatures are set to be the highest for June since the summer of '76 and guess what i'll be doing? I'll be thinking about the rain, and you should be too!
All too often we stash away our waterproofs in the bottom of our rucksacks during the summer months, then when we need them the most - when we're on top of the hill and the clouds gather overhead, we find that it's been way to long since we reproofed our waterproofs. We have so many people coming in on rainy days feeling damp assuming that they need a new jacket, but with a little bit of TLC your waterproofs should last for years. Depending on the type of jacket you have, how hard you work it, if you use a backpack with it, and how often you care for it, waterproof membranes can last between 5-10 years.
So how do you know if your jacket needs reproofing without standing in the shower today? Easy, take a glass of water or a water spray (or have some fun with the super-soaker in the garden!?) and take a look at how the water sits on the fabric. If the water "beads" as in the image above then you're good to go. If it "wets out" and soaks into the fabric then chances are you're in need of a reproof.
But we don;t just recommend this to keep yourself dry, maintaining the water repellency of a fabric will also maintain your product's breathability and also prevents the fabric from soaking up the water and gaining weight - really important on events where weight is key. 
We would recommend keeping your products clean in between reproofs with a product such as Nikwax Tech Wash because dirt attracts water therefore it might be your jacket or trousers just need a clean. If this doesn't work, move on to a reproof to replace the DWR (durable water repellency) coating that your product came with when purchased, we advise Nikwax TX Direct.
Why Nikwax? Well, all their products are waterbased, non hazardous and environmentally friendly. They are free from flurocarbons, harmful solvents and VOCs (volatile organic compounds). In addition Nikwax donate to conservation projects minimising their carbon footprint and balancing carbon emmisions so you can polish your halo and feel smug that you are warm and dry on the hill