What’s in your pack? Top 5 things to carry on the hills

We’ve been hearing a lot on the news recently about the increase in calls the Mountain Rescue teams are receiving either from members of the public or the emergency services who are unable to reach remote hill side locations. It got us thinking about safety and how important it is to pack the right kit when heading out so here’s out top 5;

1. A map and compass and don’t rely on an app on your phone for this one! Some times the old ways are the best ways! Make sure you have looked at the map and know your route before leaving.

2. A whistle. The easiest way to make your self heard when in distress. Learning the signal for rescue is a good idea too – six long blasts, pause for a minute, then six more and repeat.

3.Water. Getting dehydrated can cause disorientation so take water even on cooler days.

4. Spare clothing including hat and gloves – even if the weather is balmy when you start out it can be very different up top.

5. Food. We’re not talking a 3 course meal here, just some thing to give you energy should you be out longer than expected. Make sure you eat well before leaving so that you’re not walking on an empty tank.

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