These boots are made for walking!

Are your boots made for walking? More importantly, how do they fit?

Here at The Outdoor Depot we do things slightly differently to the majority of our competitors. Walk into one of the large multiples, or even some independent shops, and you will usually be faced with a dizzying choice of boots, shoes and trainers. So how do you choose which is best for you? Many will go on price – not the lowest because we don’t want to be cheap, but not the highest because, well frankly we’d rather not spend that much! Some will go on style – the ones with the funky colour laces or the contrast stitching that caught your eye. Others will go on recommendation – your friend had the Brasher Hillmaster and swears by them, or that guy in TGO magazine said the Scarpa Ranger were the best in test?

Well, we ask you to put all that aside. We ask you to ignore what size you have been wearing and to some extent what you have been wearing. We want to see your feet and see what they can tell us! Every one’s feet are different, and in fact our own feet are different to each other. What suits your friend, or the reviewer in a magazine probably won’t suit you. Pick a pair by price or by look and they probably won’t suit you either. Tell us what you’ll be using them for and let us measure your foot length weighted and un-weighted, your arch length and your volume then we can tell you which will fit you best. 

That’s our starting point. 

Once we have narrowed down the options we can then start trying on and playing with the fit through the use of volume reducers, orthotics and even stretching of the fabric/leather for example over bunions. We can advise on which socks will be best and how to lace your boots for maximum comfort or for extra support (yes, there is more than one way!). In short, we can take a lot of the risk out of choosing your new footwear, because at the end of the day it’s not a cheap purchase but if you choose well then your feet will thank you and your purchase will last you.

All of this takes time. We recommend at least an hour for a full boot fit, but it’s worth it. So what do we charge for this service? It’s free. We prefer to give you our time and our knowledge in return for your custom and support. Happy feet make happy customers and happy customers make for happy shop keepers! So what are you waiting for? 

Pop in and see us – no need for an appointment unless you are making a special trip in which case we are happy to book you a time.