Summer Walking Essentials


With the bank holiday fast approaching we can start to look forward to longer days, sunshine and exploring our beautiful countryside. So are you set for some summer trekking? We get asked a lot about what is the best clothing for travel or what are the best summer walking shoes. In this quick guide we want to let you know a few of our top picks.

First on our list is a great backpack. We stock Lowe Alpine & Deuter among others. Each have their benefits, but the focus should be on the right pack for you not brand. For a short day trip we would recommend a 22-25ltr pack which we find big enough for the essentials. If you are planing on going further or for longer then perhaps consider a larger capacity. Backpacks can be fitted in store if you need more help.

Trekking poles are next on our list, with growing numbers of us using them they can really help take the strain off our joints. We have a range that will fold up for ease whilst traveling.

Other essentials to pack in your kit will include a map, and of course Ordinance Survey have moved with the times and now offer a free downloadable version with each of their maps, and a compass as well as a first aid kit.

Clothing for hiking is important too. It's worth wearing a decent base layer as cotton will take longer to dry and could chill you right down when you stop - a situation best avoided. Always pack a waterproof!