Choose Outdoor Life.


We have the privilege of working and living in one of the most beautiful parts of the UK and that’s just how we like it!

Both of us have previously worked in various roles across the country; James was travelling up and down the motorways daily and could be working in Scotland one day and London the next. I worked in town centres and on retail parks all chocca block with cars and busy with shoppers. At the time we loved it and we buzzed along happily with everyone else, but, with the birth of our first child imminent in 2010 we (ok, it was James!) decided to cut out the stress, the travel and the commute and to buy our own business. Now, I’m not going to lie, I didn’t take it well, not least because I was never an outdoorsy girl, however I really can’t imagine life without our own business on our doorstep. I also can’t imagine how I was ever not outdoorsy, my family regularly quote my 4 year old self complaining about the “smelly old hills” when on holiday in Switzerland, yet now my week isn’t complete without a run in the Shropshire hills.

With this in mind, and with business growing even during the tough economic times, it was a no brainer for us to take on the Church Stretton Walking Festival.  The festival had been a low-key event run by the same hard working group of walk leaders for some 10 years but for various reasons was coming to an end and 2014 looked like the last year it would run. We couldn’t believe this thriving walking destination could be left without it’s own walking festival. The area has so much to offer; we have designated dark skies status in Cardingmill Valley, we have some of the most important geology found in the UK, we have stunning landscapes, and we have a thriving town full of unique independent stores and cafes. Someone needed to take on the baton of the walking festival and that someone was us. James has worked with the National Trust and many dedicated local enthusiasts to create a new and dynamic event, which we hope truly does have something for everybody from toddlers to adventurous walkers, and from those who like their walks to lead to a pub (me!) to those who want their walk to educate them. Now in our third year running the festival we have walkers returning from far and wide as well as locals who want to explore more of what’s on their doorstep, and we love it.

We know we are just custodians of this event, but we hope that during our time as it’s guardians we can nurture it, watch it grow and enjoy the company we meet along the way . . . much like we are doing with our now 7 year old and his 5 year old brother.

To book your walk, head to our website and take your pick!

Choose life, choose outdoors, choose outdoor life. Happy Walking x


Photographic credits: The Outdoor Depot, Geoff Taylor.