Spectrum 250 Camping Lantern


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What Vango tell us: The most versatile of our camping lanterns, the Spectrum, gives a warm lighting effect while producing a powerful 250 Lumens of light using high quality Nichia LEDs. These LEDs enable you to select one of 4 separate lighting effects: natural, cool, warm, or candle. What we think: Really very useful! The different levels of lighting are great when family camping. Don't forget your batteries!

Additional Info

Powerful Nichia LEDs give 4 lighting effects - Natural, cool, warm or candle Lights up to 250 lumens Powered by 4 x AA batteries (not included) Carry handle Hanging hook - Easy to attach Provides a warm lighting effect Smart power indicator - Indicates remaining charge in torch Rubber handle - improved grip Water resistant - allows you to hang inside or out without being affected by the elements Runtime: 10-45 hrs (dependent on battery quality) Removeable Cap - can be used as a downlight using the hanging hook on the base



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