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The Cascada Jacket is suitable for a wide range of walkers, nature-watchers and outdoor workers, who are outside in all weathers.
If you are outdoors in all seasons, sometimes moving, sometimes stationary, you need a jacket that you can trust to give you good protection from wind and rain, and that is efficient at dealing with the moisture from perspiration, so you do not chill when you stop moving.

The Cascada Jacket’s long length and features combine with directional Nikwax Analogy Waterproof fabric to give excellent weather protection and dry comfort.

How will your Páramo® garment outperform breathable membranes?
Nikwax Analogy fabrics are not only extremely breathable, they are directional too. This means that water, both liquid and vapour, is directed outwards, ensuring your insulation remains protected.

Although breathable membranes allow moisture vapour to pass through them, they do nothing to transport liquid water. Therefore, when the production of sweat exceeds the Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate, or when the external temperatures drop, condensation (the change of water from vapour to liquid) will build up in breathable membranes.

Nikwax Analogy is so durable you could puncture a Páramo waterproof with pins, remove them, and still stay dry in the rain! Unlike coated or membrane-based garments, our directional clothing can be easily repaired, without compromising future performance.

Additional Info

Excellent field of vision, fine adjustment and complete weather protection provided by fully adjustable, roll-away hood with wired peak.
Two-way front zip and pocket zips protected by outer poppered storm flaps.
Maximum freedom of movement and comfort from articulated shoulders and sleeves.
Increased comfort and protection when pack carrying provided by Pump Liner® reinforced, double layer shoulder construction.
Excellent weather protection in all conditions from unique 2" drip skirt and scooped tail.
Temperature control provided by waist and hem drawcords, which help eliminate rucking when load carrying.
Three generous pockets:
Handwarming and storage from two hip pockets.
Generous chest pocket for OS map storage.
Multi-adjust cuff design allows sleeves to be rolled for cooling.



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