Blitz Freestanding Punch / Kick Bag

Freestyle Martial Arts
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FMA recommended Freestanding Double Sided Punch / Kick Bag put the passion back into your punches and the crunch back into your kicks with our portable freestanding punch-bag. Outside in the sun or indoors when it rains, train wherever you like, whenever you like- just fill the base with dry sand or water and youre good to go! Standing 1.8metres (6ft) tall, the main central chamber consists of high density aerated foam encased within a tough webbed vinyl cover. The base, when filled, creates a ballast of 30KG and will withstand even the hardest of strikes with minimal movement. Incorporating full 360 accessibility for cardio and agility training, this bag will take all that you can throw at it and never leave you hanging! Height 1.8M Weight: 30KG- When base is filled with Dry Sand or Water.

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