Stars in Your Skies - 21st June 2018 8pm


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Stars in your Skies

Key Points:

D: 2miles (3km)

A: 200ft (60m)

G: Moderate

Price £5

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At this time of year, it doesn't get really dark. Sunset is at 21.38 BST. So this will be a walk back through time exploring how the objects in the sky influenced the lives of ancient people. Could they measure time, could they count and calculate, how did they teach their offspring about the mysteries of the skies? This walk will take about an hour and a half. Starting and finishing at the National Trust Tea Room. We are of course hoping for clear skies, however if this does not happen we have a back up plan and may hold an indoor astronomy presentation.

For more information about Stars in your Skies, see the Stars in your Skies Facebook Page or Website.

(Photo: Andrew Fusek-Peters (Website)

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