Ladies Grid Classic Baselayer


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The Paramo Ladies Grid Classic Baselayer is a hugely versatile baselayer combining the wicking and insulating benefits of Parameta G fabric with a practical, comfortable design. Worn on its own, the Grid wicks sweat across a large surface area for efficient, rapid cooling. If covered with a windproof layer the raised grid pattern traps air to offer excellent insulation. As a result, the Grid does the job of both baselayer and mid-layer, reducing the garments you need to wear. The easy fit and stretch allow unlimited movement. The generous length protects the lower back, while the round neck sits comfortably under all jackets.

Additional Info

Rounded neckline sits comfortably under all jackets and smocks. Long sleeves for protection, which can be easily rolled or pushed up. Generous length to protect the lower back during all activities. Comfortable, easy fit with feminine styling.



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